Write Your Own Story

Do you write your own story or do you just follow others stories?

The World Economic Forum recently organized a gathering called the ‘Great Narrative,’ which WEF founder Klaus Schwab described as a ‘powerful catalyst to shape the contours of a more prosperous future for humanity.’ World elites are trying to shape OUR future, but they don’t seem to understand that’s not how it works in a free society.

So as we enter this Thanksgiving season, we should think about the ‘narrative’ and ‘future’ WE want. Not them.

WE must write our OWN futures.
We are the narrative.
We are creating our stories.
We are the protagonists.

I simply say NO to the fear-mongering narratives and psychological warfare the world elites are telling us to believe to be true.

I don’t need you anymore to tell me how to live, what to think, how to feel, how to nourish myself.

I don’t need your hypnosis storytelling that is totally anti-human, driven by an agenda of terror, suppression, power and authority.

The truth is humanity has been poisoned.
On many levels.

It’s time to end that.

Let’s leave the state of collective consensus mind, madness and normalized pathologies.

Let’s connect to spirit, nature and ourselves.

At our core we are free.
We reflect the universe.
We are infinite beings having a human experience.

There is no external authority whatsoever to tell you what to do, to think, to feel or where to go.

We are the authorities …

When we imagine a world full of autonomy and respect, we nourish this seed in the cosmic web of consciousness.

The veil has lifted …


Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

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