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What about us and the environment?

What about us and the environment?

One of the insanities of our western world is the pervasive toxicity of our products.

Although we purport to have fairly sophisticated environmental laws, policies and strategies, we allow companies to produce and process extremely harmful toxic chemicals.

From food, clothes, cosmetics, household articles, cleaning products, furniture, building materials, devices of all kind and so forth …

We are impregnated with it from an early age …

But we have the choice.

We can read the labels and the ingredients. And when we don’t have this ability we can ask someone who has it.

And when you don’t understand the words, research them.

And then decide if you want to spend your money on this product or purchase a more “natural” one.

A simple thing how you can support your wellbeing and the environment …


  • Melina Watts

    I have been doing this since I was a child. My children also look for palm oil as increasing palm oil production translates dircectly into the destruction of forests in Indonesia.

    • Isabelle

      Palm oil is a big thing, yes. As are many other globally manufactured and used ingredients in convenience products of all kind.

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