You are Nature

Nature Connection is essential for our wellbeing. It nourishes us on all levels – mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. We are thriving in nature because we are nature.

By landing in your different bodies (physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic and mental body), you can stand firm on the ground and open yourself up to life, your true nature, and infinite possibilities.

My name is Isabelle

My intention with this website is to empower you to transform yourself and the world through nature connection. I offer you possibilities and creative inspirations to root deeper in yourself and nature. I embody and live the connection to nature and myself by daily connecting with my source, trees, rivers, earth, wind, sky, sun, moon, clouds, crystals, the animals I encounter, and all other beings and things natural. They are my medcine.

An interview with me on Karen Black’s HubbFizz Show on YouTube.

Get started

It’s very easy. Simply read my writings, watch my videos, and have a look at my illustrations. They offer you inspirations to connect deeper with yourself and nature. Then you can take the next step and download my simple practises to transform yourself and the world, or book a 45 minutes possibilites session with me. Everything I offer is entirely by donation. I ask you to give as you wish in utter integrity. Your donation is to say thank you for your transformation. I hope you take the next step.