You are Nature

Nature Connection is essential for our wellbeing. It nourishes us on all levels – mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. We are thriving in nature because we are nature too.

By being present in your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental body, you can stand firm on the ground and open yourself up to life, your multidimensional nature, and infinite possibilities.

My name is Isabelle

The Plumed Serpent is all about transformation, connection, and expression, inspired by the Mesoamerican winged serpent god Quetzalcoatl. My intention with this website is to offer you creative inspirations to root deeper in yourself and nature. I embody and live the connection to nature and my essence by daily letting go of limitations and patterns of all kind and connecting with natural things and beings. Through that I strengthen my source connection and express my true self.

Our Journey

Due to my background in Environmental Sciences and my former journey as a spiritual seeker, I realised that life is a process, constant transformation, and we are multidimensional beings. You are invited to join me on the journey of self-expansion and self-expression. When you appreciate my work you can support me by donation. You can give as you wish in utter integrity. Your donation is to say thank you for your transformation.