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The role of the mind

What role do you give your mind?

As someone who is questioning everything, I explore my mind as well as its role in the play of my being.

When you look at the world, you soon realise that we are all conditioned on many levels since we are born. We are taught and told by our parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, friends, politicians, doctors, celebrities and so called leaders how to behave, what to think, how to act, what to wear, what to do and so forth. We are trained to live like a part of a hive. Follow the rules and everything is fine …

When you observe your mind, you’ll soon realise these conditioned patterns of thinking and behaving. It’s like the mind turned into a tyrannical government always deciding for you what is right and wrong. Threatening you with less affection, less success and so forth …

But what is the role of the mind? Yes, it’s perfectly capable of critical thinking, discerning, analysing, dissecting, deconstructing, combining, connecting and much more. But when I compare my being with a vehicle with a driver and a passenger. My mind is not my driver. It is my passenger. I allow it to observe the scenery, but it doesn’t decide where I go and what I do.

When being in nature and calming my mind, I’m giving the magnetic aspect of my being the possibility to tune into the unified field of consciousness. I’m drawn to the things, opportunities, people and places that are in coherence with my essence, with my true nature. I’m deeply relaxed and open to the real life and not distracted by a fictional story ….

Illustration by me

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