The love of your life is your body

One thing you always carry around is your body. It’s always present, always your most intimate companion. It makes all sensual, physical, emotional, and mental experiences possible. So why not being a good company for your body? For example by taking an afternoon nap, having a wonderful lunch out alone, getting a massage, listening to enlivening music, taking a walk in the forest or on the beach.

Your body is this incredible, self-regenerating and self-organising being, the perfect merging of matter and energy. Your body is the most real thing you know. But how good do you know your body? Are you fully conscious of its presence? Do you appreciate it with all its mysteries? Do you love it deeply without any attachments?

Yes, there is a fine line between the identification with the body by doing crazy stuff with it like enhancing it with tools or shaping it into a cat, or whatever you prefer to look like, and loving it unconditionally. And because we are aware of its transient state, we also have the tendency either to ignore its needs, messages, or condition, or to keep it in a certain shape or form by all means.

The body as the foundation for love

How about a middle path? Appreciation without attachment? Or to put it this way: Simply loving your body and using its innate abilities? In the Taoist philosophy the body is the foundation for any spiritual growth and development. Because it’s seen as the vessel that allows specific alchemical energy processes to take place. And especially the role of the pure heart was emphasises not only in Taoist practical tradition and philosophy, but also in other ancient wisdom traditions.

„The love of your life is not your spouse, your lover, or your child. It’s your physical body, your wonderland. Loving your human body makes it possible—even easy—to love all humans the way you were meant to.“

Miguel Ruiz

As modern scientific research has shown the heart has a far larger electromagnetic field than the brain and is a very powerful transmitter and receiver of different sorts of informations. The heart is the portal allowing you to tap into a very nourishing way of being. Not only for yourself, but those around you as well. Being in the heart and in the heart coherence state, a state in cooperative alignment between the heart, mind, emotions and physical systems, is a way to shift the world and an opportunity for humanity to wake us up to our interdependence with each other and with nature.

Talking to your body

You can begin to consciously love your body by saying, “I love you,” to your body. The more you say it, and say it out loud, and really feel into it, the more it becomes your truth. Do it as one of the first things in the morning after waking up, and when you’re starting your day. Say it when you’re going to bed. As you settle into bed at night, you can place your hands on your head and tell your brain and everything connected to it how much you love all that by saying “I love my brain, my nerves, my eyes, my ears, my nose, my tongue, and so forth.”

You can then move on with your hands along your face, moving onto the neck, the chest, the back, the shoulders, arms and hands. Name every part of your body as you journey over it, and give thanks to the parts you can’t name. Go all the way down to the belly, buttocks, legs, feet, to the toes. You can make this ritual as fast or as slow as you like, but its effects are anyway very powerful.

All of this may feel strange at first, but expressing and experiencing love is what nourishes us on a level beyond our current knowledge. We are wired to pour love out of us, but we’ve been programmed that it’s a sign of weakness and just selected people in our circle are worth to receive it. But our being and our bodies are designed to constantly emit a love frequency. Everyone deserves that, even if our belief system denies it. And it’s a very powerful and transformative way to change our attitude towards ourselves, others, and all of nature.

Photo by Shifaaz shamoon on Unsplash

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