The Female Medicine

Do you integrate the female energy?

To achieve a unity of spirit, both energy aspects – the feminine and the masculine – need to be integrated and in harmony. Both men and women have female and male sides when it comes to energy. It is time to integrate them.

So what is a balanced female energy you may ask? And what is needed to achieve that?

A harmonious female energy nourishes, is receptive, and joyful to share. It creates space for others to enter our lives without preconceptions and/or suspicions. It is content to enjoy, and play, and aware that all accomplishments are worthwhile for the whole community.

This involves the destruction of jealousy, and of all the acts of anger which stem from fear. Keeping a Hawk-eye on the distorted ego part of yourself, and maintaining trust in the universe. This can bring forth a world full of men and women honoring the right of each being to be and express their true self.

Allow yourself to flow in the stream of life. Allow things to unfold in whatever way they want to come through you. Allow the medicine of woman to support and nourish you. To the greatest good of all …

Photoart by me. More on my DeviantArt site

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