Suzana Barbosa: Co-Create a Regenerative World (ep09)

“The thing about regenerative development is that it’s again about relationships, but it’s also taking into consideration every single impact you have around you.”

– Suzana Barbosa

In Episode 9 of The Plumed Serpent Podcast I welcome Suzana Barbosa. We talk about the essence of regenerative development and design, values, experiences and paradigm shifts, systemic thinking, nourishing workplaces and good leadership, communities, entrepreneurship and the nature lens, and the benefits of immersing in the beauty and abundance of nature. 

Suzana works as a project manager for USWC at Venture Cup Denmark, is an aspiring regenerative practitioner and designer, creativity and empathy activist, founder of REWILD and volunteer at BMY Hub DK.

Suzana has an uncanny gift of being able to recognise patterns and develop new insights by adopting the lens of living systems thinking, empathy design, ecosystem services and regenerative practice.

She has a passion of working with all kinds of diverse thinkers in order to co-operate towards a regenerative path. Her purpose is co-creating a regenerative legacy for people and planet.

Website: Rewild Now

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