Spring Time, Cleaning Time

My intent of producing a podcast was challenging myself, learning new things, as well as sharing experiences, insights and tips of others. I love diving into unknown territories and trying things out. This gives me the opportunity to learn new skills, develop them, wide my horizon and experience first hand what is aligned and what not.

Producing the podcast needed some equipment, so I bought a small USB Podcast microphone by a well-known brand that was recommended on several podcast blogs. I also needed a free Zoom membership so I could record the talks with my guests, and a podcast platform to publish the episodes. Then I needed to find my guests on LinkedIn, get in touch with them, and invite them to the show. For promotion purposes it was necessary to create podcasts cover images, short videos of the talks showing excerpts of the conversations and posts on my website. At a certain stage I also decided to run a Patreon site to get Patrons for support.

Producing the podcast was fun at the beginning, then turned into work, and didn’t come from a place of passion in the end. It turned out to be more of a task I’ve chosen to complete. And that’s not how I do things. At least when I do them without getting paid.

And the interest in the show was very moderate, there was no growing interaction and reaction. This showed me too that there was no real flow and magnetism going on.

So I decided to end making the podcasts. The episode with Floris R. Slob is the last one. It’s spring time so it fits the season when you clean and clear things out, make room for new to come into your life and grow and align yourself with your essence.

Maybe things are changing again. I don’t know.

But for the moment this is how it feels right.

I wanted to thank all the listeners of the show and all the guests who shared their transformational journeys, insights, experiences and valuable tips to transform oneself through nature connection. It was wonderful to talk with these commited men and women who love what they’re doing and offering. And additionally I could train my English skills, listening and technical skills.

A journey is coming to its end. And another one is coming along the way …

Photo by Jacqueline Munguía on Unsplash

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