Sitting in Nature

Do you allow yourself to just be?

Most of us feel comfortable in nature, even in an urban park. We enjoy the serenity of trees, the calmness of lakes and the company of animals. In our core we kind of trust nature. Although we also know that natural events can harm us. Earthquakes can shake up things heavily, fires can ravage and storms can be devastating. Animals can soil our carpets and bite our relatives. Nature and natural beings are both unpredictable and in many ways unreliable. So what is comforting about that? What is there to trust?

What we trust is authenticity. Trees, waters and animals don’t wear a mask, a persona. They don’t create and hide behind a story. Pure life rules the mountain and oceans ranges; our thoughts don’t.

We have created many barriers, physically, emotionally and mentally to perceive ourselves as part of nature – as nature itself. As a manifestation of the life force. But everyone of us is really that. We are life, we are nature. That is real. But we are pretending we aren’t. And we are pretending with tremendous skill and deception.

We even see ourselves as tourists within a natural landscape. And as tourists, we marvel and we wonder. We admire the intelligence of trees and the wisdom of raindrops. We inherently feel that the sky and the earth know something we don’t and that nature has a secret power we lack.

But there is only life, and its countless forms of manifestation and points of view. It’s a disservice to life, to truth, to ourselves, to think we are separate from it. It’s self-defeating to deny life’s power and energetic connection in ourselves.

When you take the time to just sit for 20 minutes a day outdoor in silence, consciously breathing, perceiving your being, your life force, enjoy the process. And when you’re busy, sit for an hour …

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