Short Stories of Transformation

In this episode I share six short transformational stories of my previous guests on the show.

James Allen, Semaj Rramal Crawford, Dr. Narjes Gorjizadeh, Nicolette Evans, Claire Victoria Bishop, and Esperanza Smith tell one specific experience that shifted their thoughts, perception, and way of being in the world. They range from a visit to the hospital, a barefoot walk, witnessing a rainbow, talking with an oak, watching the clouds, to receiving hawk medicine.

These short stories tell of unique experiences that led to a certain transformation of thought, perception, and state of being. They happen every day, to every one of us in their unique way, and give us the opportunity to go deeper within, to listen, and to let things happen as the stream of life is flowing naturally. When we are open to receive them, and allow ourselves to transform, and integrate them, naturalness can arise within, and we come a step closer to our true self.

Book ‘No Ordinary Words: The Real Life Wisdom of Women

When you are looking for more inspirational transformational stories, check out the book No Ordinary Words: The Real Life Wisdom Of Women where 33 women, me included, from all around the world come together to celebrate the hardships, the celebrations and the revelations of life in today’s world.

From mental health to nature connectedness, from fertility to menopause, belonging and community, this book explores the deeper aspects of life with an open honesty and authenticity found amongst friends.

All proceeds from this book go to two women’s charities, by buying this book you will be supporting the work of TreeSisters and She Has Hope. You›ll find the book on Amazon.

Book: No Ordinary Words: The Real Life Wisdom of Women

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