Semaj Rramal Crawford: Embodying and Living Choice (ep27)

“I like to tell people when you look for something you’ll find it. But if you look for it openly, to allow it to come to you, you’ll find more understandings if you don’t close your mind on what you find.”

semaj rramal crawford

In episode 27 of the Plumed Serpent Podcast I welcome Semaj Rramal Crawford, hands-on energy healer, teacher, life coach, author, mentor, student of the Law of One, and much more.

We talk about fears, motivations, and rewards of taking action. Like for example launching his own podcast The “C” Word. That experience is the best teacher. And how nourishing it is to remember and reactivate the childlike qualities of purity, curiosity, and unconditional love. That we are nature, living spirits, and connected to everything and everybody. The power of taking full responsibility, and letting go of the heavy backpack burdening us and weighing us down. Semaj also shares a very personal and profound experience of transforming a severe childhood trauma.

Background and contact

For over 40 years Semaj has worked from the knowledge that the body and mind have a natural system of checks and balances. When one gets out of balance, the others will follow, if not corrected. Years of imbalance can lead to years of suffering. That’s why he treats the cause of your imbalance or suffering rather than treating the symptoms. It is common that clients begin to see the light of hope after their first session. From these years of experience and learning Semaj founded the MBS Balancing System, a system that works with the natural connections of the mind, body and spirit, and helps people find relief from chronic and long-term pain. On the way, they also find freedom in their body and mind that allows them to feel more valuable and productive.

Semaj is also “The Man on top of the Mountain” which you can find on YouTube, the author of the book, “The “C” Word, a book that will challenge your old thought patterns and help you discover a new way of thinking, and the host of the podcast The “C” Word based on his book.

Semaj’s healing website: MSB Balancing System

Semaj’s coaching website: A Gr8 New You

Semaj’s book: The “C” Word on Lulu

Semaj’s podcast: The “C” Word on Libsyn

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