Ruth Davey: Look Again (ep18)

“People use their eyes to help them, to literally look, to look again, to see their lives and their world differently. And to reframe their present in order to create a better future.”

ruth davey

In episode 18 of the Plumed Serpent Podcast I welcome Ruth Davey, Founder/Director of Look Again, a tried and tested (by the University of Gloucestershire) creative, accessible and low-tech methodology that blends photography, mindfulness, and being in nature. She’s as well a photographer, facilitator, project manager, public speaker, coach, visionary, collaborator, author, Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and mother.

We talk about her scientific proven mindful photography methodology and how it serves people, communities and the world. Why looking closer and looking again supports letting go, gratitude, trust and being present in the moment and how it improves awareness, acceptance and compassion. How people can reframe their perception and focus and enjoy silence through photography. What nature does for us when we’re open, receptive and pause. How we can go into our heart and higher self and acknowledge our being. Why we need to remember our greatness, step up and dare to be great. Ruth also talks about how imagination, visualization and photography can create a new story and a vision for the future. And what her personal vision is.

Background and contact

Ruth offers workshops, courses, training and public speaking, helping you, your organisation/business or community. Ruth brings together 30 years experience of working in international, community and business development in London, Africa, Bristol and the South West. She enjoys working at both the strategic and grassroots levels with people from all social and cultural backgrounds. Ruth also loves to collaborate with health and wellbeing professionals, executive coaches, and other creatives.

Ruth’s website: Look Again

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