Rory Berry: Take a Beat (ep06)

Plumed Serpent Podcast Episode Rory Berry

“Because we are told if you look after yourself you’re selfish, arrogant, you’re a meany. Ahm, how about no. No, I’m not. I think the narrative is changing. I think that there are more and more people coming to terms that this is healthy, this is allowed.”

– Rory Berry

In episode 6 of the Plumed Serpent Podcast I welcome Rory Berry. We talk about the two VIP memberships we shouldn’t have, work life integration, simplicity, embracing ourselves, taking a beat, the benefits of saying no, playfulness and being outdoors. 

Rory has a background in improvised theatre and the performing arts. He works as a life and executive coach, corporate trainer, speaker, mentor and play advocate. Rory helps people at all stages of life as well as managers and business owners gain clarity on themselves, problem-solving and purpose.

Rory has a deep desire to see more play and fun in the world. He believes we don’t play enough, especially as adults. Having had the unique gift of spending ten years in the performing arts, he now brings that to all that he does. Rory has been known to say “Let’s have a brain jam”, in fact its all over the site. That human connection creates opportunities to discover treasure in conversations. His aim is to help others achieve more by reframing the way that they look at things. 

Website: Roaring Berry
LinkedIn: Rory Berry

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