Rewild, Realign, Regenerate

Are you a living of the world?

The three big R’s of the environmental disaster generation I’v grown up with – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – need an upgrade … I suggest replacing them with – Rewild, Realign, Regenerate.

It’s one thing to focus on the outside problems. But when we’re not in tune with the fundamental core, we miss the appropriate action.

Coming back to our roots as energetic beings interconnected with everything around us is our way back to sanity. This is not a story of domination, but of cooperation with nature and ancient knowledge.

The choice for transformation belongs to every individual. We can guide ourselves toward personal independence and harmony, but should not coerce anyone else to follow us. Our journey back to authenticity is ours alone and mustn’t be used as an excuse to pressure family members or dear friends.

All we can do is BE what we wish to see in the world. And make some ripples in the unified field of conciousness …

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