Rachel Woods: Let Nature Coach You (ep15)

“Obviously a lot’s happened to that tree over the years and look, it’s still going. It’s still reaching up. It’s still reaching out is still achieving. I thought, how wonderful, how wonderful seeing that, not looking at negatives that look sickly, that doesn’t look well, you’re saying that’s still life. That’s still going. That’s still strong. That’s not giving up, but wow. So, you know, it’s nature becoming at that point. A co-partner a co-coach if you like, because I didn’t need to say anything other than to notice where his attention was being drawn and it’s the same with water.”

rachel woods

In episode 15 of the Plumed Serpent Podcast I welcome Rachel Woods, Senior Coach and Coach Supervisor specialising in behavioural change. She provides coaching to business leaders and senior professionals in both career, leadership and performance development.

We talk about the backpack metaphor, the benefits of coaching in nature and nature as a co-coach, the Japanese Kawa Model to depict one’s life journey, our unique perception, how easily people open up outdoors, the need to be an integral part of the natural world and two simple techniques to connect deeper with nature and yourself.

Background and contact

She provides supervision to new and experienced coaches, supporting excellence in practice and accreditation through the governing bodies. Supervision is offered at an intensive 121 or in groups. Corporate groups of internal coaches and manager-coaches are welcomed to support wellbeing, safe practice and boundary management to ensure internal coaching programmes deliver sustained impact.

Rachel’s industry background includes construction, facilities management and medical products operating as a senior HR Business Partner. She has coached and supervised individuals from academia, oil & gas, non profit, education and leisure. She is a past practitioner for Discovery Insights and takes a psychodynamic approach to both coaching and supervision.

Drawing on a range of models in addition to developing and delivering her own reflective methodology. Rachel finds the narrative and methods that elicit impactful insights and shifts for her clients. She is experienced in cognitive behavioural theory, group dynamics, systemic coaching theory, mindfulness, environmental psychology and reflexive practice. She launched Coach in Nature Ltd in 2020 and now offers immersive coaching and supervision.

Having successfully launched behavioural values frameworks, mindset assessments and facilitated training for team leaders and senior managers’, Rachel is on a mission to enhance the competence, capability and reputation of the coaching industry.

Rachel’s website: Coach in Nature

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