Root in Yourself

Nature Connection is essential for our wellbeing. It nourishes us on all levels – mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. We are thriving in nature because we ARE nature too.

When you deeply root in yourself, you can thrive and grow. Nature connection, somatic practices and artistic expressions are wonderful, simple and practical ways to support that.

Somatic practices as breath, physical contact, movement and stillness as well as artistic expressions allow you to expand your awareness. They can support conscious actions. By landing in your different bodies (physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic and mental body), you can stand firm on the ground and open yourself up to life’s lessons and possibilities.

Your Possibilities


I offer you simple tools, techniques and ways to explore yourself and nature. What happens when you practice them is up to you and your unique journey. My role is simply to offer you these possibilities. When you have questions or need guidance let me know, and send me a message.

May you take the next step to transform and empower yourself to be of better service to yourself and others to the greatest good of all.

I appreciate sharing these possibilities with you. In reciprocity for my work, feel free to donate any amount via PayPal.