Episode notes

Floris R. Slob: Being Open and Curious (ep29)

“Curiosity. I think that it’s one of the core things in life that actually makes us want to do or see or feel or hear something else.

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Short Stories of Transformation

In this episode I share six short transformational stories of my previous guests on the show. James Allen, Semaj Rramal Crawford, Dr. Narjes

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Semaj Rramal Crawford Plumed Serpent

Semaj Rramal Crawford: Embodying and Living Choice (ep27)

“I like to tell people when you look for something you’ll find it. But if you look for it openly, to allow it to come to you, you’ll find more

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Eithne Warren Plumed Serpent

Eithne Warren: Tapping into Your Source (ep26)

We all have this ability to tap into our intuitive source, and it’s never wrong. It never lets you down. It teaches you the ability to trust

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