No Ordinary Words Book

No Ordinary Words

We’ve all lived through some challenging life lessons, but what if we shared their power to uplift and inspire one another?

A few months ago I was participating in one of the “Liberating Our Creative Voice for Earth” journeys organised by TreeSisters. In the members area Kelly Herrick was looking for contributors to a book idea she had about women and their wisdom. I instantly felt drawn to this idea because I love books, writing, inspiring, and sharing experiences. So I decided to join, and Kelly accepted me as a participant.

As the book is about personal wisdom, I shared a short illustrated story about how my perception of nature shifted. It was one of my biggest insights I had when it comes to our relationship with ourselves and nature.

Now a few months later, the book is here after many Emails, a few online sessions, and many interactions within the group of editors, writers and contributors.

In the book ‘No Ordinary Words: The Real Life Wisdom Of Women’ 33 women from around the world come together to celebrate the hardships, the celebrations and the revelations of life in today’s world.

From mental health to nature connectedness, from fertility to menopause, belonging and community, and so much more, this book explores the deeper aspects of life with an open honesty and authenticity normally found amongst friends. There are 34 chapters.

All the proceeds from this book go to two women’s charities, so by buying this book you will be supporting the work of TreeSisters and She Has Hope.

As Kelly states: “Our aim is to create a book that is of service to others. All our lives are extraordinary, sometimes we just have to take the time to share them.”

You can get the book on Amazon here. And on Amazon UK here.

One of the five images I’ve created for the short story in the book.

We also have our own medicine, our own innate healing abilities, we – especially in the western world – simply forgot, or suppressed, or ignored. But it is there. And it’s growing stronger due to the vibrational shift we are experiencing.

My medicine, at least a part of it, is sharing my visions. Like an eagle is flying high in the sky, I see things from above, connect the dots, and can also focus in specific areas when needed.

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