Nicolette Evans: Nature Works Wonders (ep04)

Plumed Serpent Podcast Episode Nicolette Evans

“People forget how to walk slowly and to notice nature. People just run around too fast. And literally walk to fast and just don’t see what’s under their feet and in front of them as well.  And when people slow down their pace and notice those things then it just distracts us from  people’s, what else people going on in their lives as well and takes them to a different level as well.”

– Nicolette Evans

In this episode I welcome Nicolette Evans. We talk about why we need nature, what happens when we’re outdoors, how we can use modern technology to enhance nature connectedness and why making a pause is rewarding.

Nicolette lives in Berkshire, U.K. She has a background in archaeology and ancient history. For 15 years Nicolette has worked in communications in large and small organisations: from public relations, marketing and magazine editing to events and setting up guided tours. Nicolette is a Mental Health First Aider and a trained natural mindfulness guide. She does natural mindfulness walks, nature connection, mindful nature photography and essential oils as well.

In her mindful nature walks Nicolette brings and corporates ‘forest bathing’ sessions in woods, forests and green spaces around Berkshire. She loves guiding people on ways to reconnect with the healing power of ‘being in nature’ to boost their mental and physical health. By using gentle nature-based activities and uplifting essential oils, these one to two hour-long sessions will give people tools to feel reinvigorated, more resilient and relaxed.

Her values are connection, creativity and freedom, which she uses in these sessions to bring people together. Nicolette loves seeing people grow in confidence, making new friends and sharing or learning new skills.

Website: Nature Works Wonder
Linkedin: Nicolette Evans

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