Melina Watts: Our Emotional Connection to Nature (ep16)

“I know that when I go outside and take a walk I feel emotionally connected to plants, animals, the dirt, the landcape, the sky, the water. That’s very emotional. And I feel like if I allow that to be as real as a proof as it is for me and informed the choices I make in my life.”

melina watts

In episode 16 of the Plumed Serpent Podcast I welcome Melina Watts, independent environmental consultant in California providing watershed coordination, conservation project and program development, community facilitation, grantwriting, fundraising, community / media outreach, conservation-focal writing, filmmaking and public speaking, environmental education and community-based conservation conversations. She is the author of the book Tree. A novel about the life of a California live oak written from the unique perspective of the tree.

We talk about her book Tree and her unique experience with grass, our emotions about nature and plants and how they impact and change our decisions and perception, talking to plants, the role of trees in our lives, our innate communication with nature and need for connection, nature education, Ananda, Buddhism and the benefits of planting native plants.

Background and contact

Melina has a deep emotional connection to nature and her purpose is to spark in everyone the love for nature and its living beings.

Melina’s website: Melina Sempill Watts Consulting LLC

Her book Tree is available on following sites: Worldwide, UK: ANCIENT AND SACRED TREES, USA: Magna Charta, Timbre Books, CHANGE THE WORLD BOOKS

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