Jennifer Smrz: Enjoy Every Moment (ep08)

Plumed Serpent Podcast Episode Jennifer Smrz

“I want people to know and to see the importance of reading labels.”

– Jennifer Smrz

In episode two of the Plumed Serpent Podcast I welcome Jennifer Smrz. We talk about sleep, stress, perception, self-talk, deep breathing, the power of thoughts, wording and appreciation, the necessity of self-care, the health benefits of reading product labels and using toxic free products.

Jennifer is a wellness, holistic living and career transition coach, breast cancer survivor, mental health advocate, yoga and fitness instructor and educator on natural products.

Jennifer loves educating people on the importance of reading labels and knowing what ingredients are in our foods and household products. She’s passionate about helping others by sharing coping strategies and taking control of their lives again. 

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