James Allen: The Unbeatable Mind (ep01)

Plumed Serpent Podcast Episode James Allen

“The sounds of nature and in fact the silence of nature work in exactly the same way as classical music.”

– James Allen

In the first episode of the Plumed Serpent Podcast I welcome James Allen. We talk about the Unbeatable Mind System, how we limit ourselves, the benefits of classical music and what a short walk in nature can do with us.

James Allen is located in Saint Albans, England, and worked over 25 years as a commercial solicitor in the UK, spending more than half of that time as the head of legal and strategic advisor at C-suite level in international technology and supply chain logistics companies.

After his redundancy he changed profession and qualified in the Unbeatable Mind System created by Mark Divine. With his vast experience in the legal industry he mainly coaches lawyers to transform themselves, access more insight and power, be more aligned with their purpose and serve the world in a larger capacity.

James Allen on the Unbeatable Mind Website

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