Isabelle Blum: Harmonise the Elements (ep12)

“When you can connect to the wisdom of the elemens, you have a vast array of information available to you, whether you are trying to heal from an illness or simply live your best life. And when you feel better as an individual, you are likely to improve your relationships with others.”

isabelle blum

According to traditional Chinese Medicine, philosophy and wisdom practices the 5 elements are earth, metal, water, wood and fire. They are the basis for everything within us, our organ systems as well as our emotional and mental states and personal traits. Outside of us they are reflected in nature and the seasons. When their interaction is harmonious, they nourish each other and therefore us.

In the modern western culture we mostly lost our connection to the elements. They are not really present in our daily lives. The elements are reduced to resources we can use and their destructive force is perceived as a threat from nature. Many of us have not been taught to trust our innate connection we have with them. Instead, we ignore, suppress or hide their signals.

We have forgotten to tune in to their wisdom and therefore also the wisdom of our body. We have not been taught the skills or tools which could help us tap into their messages, learn what they mean and apply them for healing and empowered living.

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