Isabelle Blum: Being Rooted (ep20)

“So when you are deeply rooted in this worldview and understanding, you never ever have the idea of exploiting or destroying the land and the beings which live upon it. You would simply harm yourself due to the law of reciprocity.”

isabelle blum

In episode 20 I talk about the impact, and importance of being rooted in heaven and earth.

When I think of a tree or other plant held in place by roots, what usually comes to mind is that they can not move. They are tied to the same place for life. They are so to speak at the mercy of the circumstances prevailing there. That’s why they are perfectly adapted to these circumstances. And have developed many ingenious strategies to survive any possible threat.

We humans on the contrary have legs. We can move normally. Not having roots physically means we are not physically attached to the ground. We are free to move and choose where we’d like to settle down. This brings with it a whole different perspective and strategic behaviour. Yes, we too adapt, but what we also do, often with very great effort, is to shape the environment and circumstances in our favor. To the extent that we sometimes change whole landscapes, influencing all life included.

The lack of physical dependence on the place, tempts us to negate the mutual connections between everything that is in that place. Including us. We even neglect the fact, that we are nevertheless dependent on the place. The healthy soil, the fresh water, the clean air, the energy of the sun, the nutrients and resources provided by the plants and animals living there. Even if we brought them there due to raising or planting them.

We totally forget that we are part of the bigger picture where everything is connected. We totally deny the attachment to the web of life.

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