Isabelle Blum: Being in Harmony with Nature (ep14)

“But as we are part of nature and the universe we are inseparable to it. And for our overall health, being in harmony with nature and the natural flow of energy is a key element.”

isabelle blum

In many holistic sciences and ancient wisdom traditions we are healthy when we are in harmony with our surroundings. And for much of human history we have honed the skills needed to be able to feel and adapt to the slightes changes in our environment. Our lives had a flow that changed depending on the time of the year. We rose with the sun, ate the foods, dressed and engaged in activities according to the weather and season we were in. We were acutely aware of our natural environment as it had a direct effect on every aspect of our lives.

In the modern world we have mainly lost our connection to the environment and ultimately to ourselves. We have many internal contradictions, we use much force against the natural flow or state of things and we are not mindful and aware to the changing of the seasonal and cosmological cycles.

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