How to mutually enhance your presence

At any time, you can wake up and see the totality of what you are. Earth, water, air, fire, and the element of love, spirit, and mysterious essence. The walking sensitive connection of heaven and earth, a vibrating orb, emitting harmony and unconditional love. You can see life as it is, the flow, and the nourishment, and you accept everything you see. Being in total surrender to existence, the universe, the mystical source. Being in alignment with your true essence self. You can show your truth, and walk and talk it in the world without attempting to govern others. You can offer your full presence and energy — not your rules — to embody the best of what a human can be. And with that you create a healthier, more harmonious place for people and all living beings on this planet.

Here are three simple ways to mutually enhance your presence

  • Step outside, look around you and notice the simple and stunning beauty of nature in every form of its existence, from a new bud to the shimmering light on a leaf. Look for the beauty. Concentrate on it, immerse yourself in it, let it nourish you and let you nourish it.
  • Whenever and wherever possible support the presence of nature and wildlife. When you have a garden , initiate a wildflower patch, plant wildflowers, or create a water place, and share joy with nature.
  • Walk barefoot and feel the sensation of the earth, sand, stones, or grass on your feet.
  • Bathe in sunlight, let it shine into your being, and let it decipher your codes.
  • Be playful, dance, and express yourself artistically.

“If the supreme disaster in the comprehensive story of the Earth is our present closing down of the major life systems of the planet, then the supreme need of our times is to bring about a healing of the Earth through this mutually enhancing human presence to the Earth community. To achieve this mode of presence a new type of sensitivity is needed, a sensitivity that is something more than romantic attachment to some of the more brilliant manifestations of the natural world. A sensitivity that comprehends the larger patterns of nature, its severe demands as well as its delightful aspects, and is willing to see the human diminish so that other life forms might flourish.”

Thomas Berry, Theologian

Let’s change the narrative

When do you want to stop learning about life? There is a way of already going on, there is no new way. Look around, open your eyes, and your body, and come back to your essence self. You are a nourishing being, when you are fully in the physical and the metyphysical realms, acting from the zero point field which is your heart. Create moments to thrive and flourish and share your experiences with others. Relax into your being, make moments of ease, beauty and kindness the norm in your life and business.

You sense through body, you think through mind, you feel through heart, you intuit through spirit, you presence through soul, you image with vision, and in being you unify. This is the reflected awakening of your belongingness as a compassionate, peaceful, cooperative, aligned, relaxed, and harmonious being. This is your awakened belongingness, the gateway for self and other to transcend life and death, light and dark, to become one. Your original self, love made real. Remember this. Embody it. Share it.

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