graze against the machine by isabelle blum

Graze against the Machine

What is the role of the machine in agriculture?

Modern agriculture is machine driven and an industrial complex. And its digitalisation is advancing. Machines are more important than soil, plant, animal and human health. Due to that the essential cycles, basics and qualities of food production are neglected and destroyed.

But there are farmers who walk a different path. They’re very well aware of the role of the machine and the role of the farm animals, plants and soil. This path needs patience, curiosity, strength, the will to learn, adaption, passion, self-reflection and openness to change.

It is not easy to walk this path, but there is a lot of wisdom to tap into. From indigenous people, traditional farming practices to modern day regenerative farming.

And this path is not centralised and uniform, but decentralised and unique as every farm and farming family. Built on cooperation, respect and humbleness.

So let’s celebrate every farmer who walks this path. Let’s support them by buying their products and giving them a big thank you.

Illustration by me, inspired by the Ozark Akerz Regenerative Farm of Mike Hansen and his wife Sue.

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