Gareth Walters: Find Yourself on the Outside (ep13)

Gareth Walters: Find Yourself on the Outside (ep13)

“Yeah, I think it’s a lack of social connection. And so we’ve become more and more insular. We’ve almost forgotten how to be together. I think that’s taught … nature teaches us how to relate.”

– Gareth Walters

In this episode Gareth Walters and I talk about the need for nature connection, social interaction and exploring the outdoors, the transcendental aspect of hard labor, the importance of working with the body, the experience of having an impact on the surrounding, beating the technocratic monster, the importance of single practitioners joining together, being part of something bigger than ourselves and balancing the inside with the outside world.

Gareth Walters is the director of Deeper Green Services, a collaboration of ‘green service’ professionals covering ecology, agriculture, arboriculture, horticulture and countryside management. He is also running a social enterprise helping young people reconnect with nature and themselves through moments in nature, learning old skills and using their bodies.

Gareth is inspired by both deep green philosophies and the Social Ecology Movement. He believes the natural environment to be a ‘common treasury’ that is integral to the nation’s health and happiness.

Website: Deeper Green Services 

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