Floris R. Slob: Being Open and Curious (ep29)

Curiosity. I think that it’s one of the core things in life that actually makes us want to do or see or feel or hear something else. It’s curiosity.

Floris r. slob

In episode 29 of the Plumed Serpent Podcast I welcome Floris R. Slob, transformational coach, and author of Waking up in TIKI’s WORLD: An extraordinary & Inspiring autobiographic tale of personal growth, faith and miracles.

We talk about letting go, transformations, and shifting experiences. Entitlement, sharing our knowledge, and being an expert. Opening ourselves up to messages from within and without. Connecting with nature, being in tune with its gifts, interconnectedness, the unseen realms, and how this all nourishes us. Floris also talks about his profound personal transformational journey he experienced in New Zealand that he shares in his book Waking up in TIKI’s WORLD as well as his other shifting experiences and ideas to bring his insights into the world.

Background and contact

Floris R. Slob holds several degrees including a master’s degree in Social Sciences. His interest in the human organization has led him, thanks to the information technology boom, to travel around the world and to master an extensive set of international-, social- and cultural consulting skills. Over the last twenty+ years, he lived and worked in several European countries, South Africa, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. Floris is currently residing in Switzerland.

Floris’ professional focus has always been on the wider context of his project work, including international development, local cultures and transnational communication. He has worked his entire professional life as a consultant within international/multicultural teams and therefore has been exposed to the challenges that may bring for both leadership and team-effectiveness.

From an individual perspective he identified during these years a number of latent ‘forces’ influencing his view in this colorful context. These ‘forces’ are the building blocks of how we interpret the world around us. In the process of his personal development, he realized, he was able to connect easily with people from near and far, to help and guide them thanks intense life experiences he’s gone through in some of these countries. Floris decided to develop his coaching skills and now, being a certified business coach, it provides him with the tools to help organizations to align from business purpose, vision, leadership, business culture (behavior) all the way to customer impact.

Floris has also the tools now to support individuals going through change and to guide them changing their behaviors that no longer support their current situation, including developing a more open mindset. The only certainty in his life has been change and transformations with that his belief system has changed along the way as well. Each day he wakes up with the drive to be a better version of himself than the day before.

Floris on Linkedin

Floris’ book: Waking up in TIKI’s WORLD: An extraordinary & Inspiring autobiographic tale of personal growth, faith and miracles

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