Explore and Expand

How do you explore and expand your being?

You have self-ownership, the exclusive right what is done with you, your body, your mind …

What do you do with that?

Do you explore the reflexive universe …?
The trinity of Earth, Human, Universe …?
The magnetic field, resonances, frequencies …?

Do you practice stillness …?

Stillness, that is not static, but perfectly balanced energy …
The state of complete balance.
The portal to the unified field.

Humans might do something we call conscious evolution.
But there is not much effort to evolve.
We are becoming more like the potential of human being.

You may ask yourself …

Is it true or not?
Do I agree with it or not?
Do I believe it or not?

Maybe you ask yourself …

Is it useful for me?

That’s why more streamlined.

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