Eithne Warren: Tapping into Your Source (ep26)

We all have this ability to tap into our intuitive source, and it’s never wrong. It never lets you down. It teaches you the ability to trust yourself first. You have to trust yourself first before you can trust anybody else. You have to love yourself first before you can love anybody else. All of the things that we desire from outside are all inside of us. And there’s no need, really, for any outside circumstances or situations to put us off center because we have all the answers inside of us. All we have to do is ask and just sit quietly and breathe. And the answers will come.

Eithne warren

In episode 26 I’m joined by Eithne Warren, inituitive artist, conversationalist, tarot reader, and heart space holder. Everything she does comes from a place within and radiates out as she expresses herself with intuitive drawing, writing, reading, photography, speaking, and teaching.

We talk about allowing things to unfold in their own way, and timing. Our unique ways of expressing ourselves, and attracting things we need for our transformation. Making a choice what to do, with whom we surround ourselves, and changing our patterns. Perceiving life as a journey, and an exploration, giving us possibilities to learn, and connect in each moment. Going out in nature, being in the present moment. Eithne also shares her personal story of her evolution and transformation.

Background and contact

Eithne was born in Dublin Ireland after her Irish parents had to leave Egypt during the Suez crisis. They travelled to Cameroon, The Bahamas, Ireland, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and then she married, moved to South Africa had 2 children, a daughter and a son. Eithne lived in Durban, then Richmond where she and her husband had a pickled onion factory on her farm.

She spent about 10 doing Reiki, massage, kinesiology, energy medicine, working with crystals and developing her intuition. In 2010 she moved to London in the UK to care for elderly people in their homes. Eithne later worked in Covent Garden in retail. Now she’s living in Italy, reading Tarot, drawing and painting and continuing to follow her heart.

Eithne’s website: Inside Heart Space

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