Plumed Serpent

And into the forest I go

Do you let Nature work wonders?

Do you let nature work wonders?

When speaking about nature, environmentalism and what we do with planet Earth, we need to start at the ground.

The ground is our self, our being, our core, our essence, our energy, our vibration ….

When we like to live in a healthier, more respectful, thriving world, we need to start with ourselves.

Like in all holistic ancient mind-body-sciences the focus was inner self-work.

Being aligned, at ease, relaxed, energised, deeply rooted in our core so we can expand our being.

When we are not rooted in our core, no healthy, strong tree can grow.

Instead of focusing outside to change things, go inside, declutter your core below your navel, do some sincere self-work, exlore this area, deeply root there …

Going into the forest can be helpful …

Being in energetic connection and exchange with the native world is a game changer …

The doing and the non-doing in perfect harmony …

Let nature do its thing and do yours …

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