Commit to Nature

Do you commit to nature?

The urge to act for nature is growing. As someone who is dealing with environmental issues for more than 20 years, I highly appreciate all people being aware of nature as a living being.

Many people asked me many times what can I do for nature? My answer is always the same. Start with yourself.

Because you are nature yourself. You are the ground for the growth. By inviting in and savoring comfort, ease, and support for yourself in any nourishing form, you become the reality of the body you are designed to be: solid as mountain, fluid as river, spacious as sky.

When you are deeply rooted in yourself, nourished, solid, fluid and spacious, you radiate this. People feel this. The native world reacts to this. You create a different environment …

It’s all interconnected and alive. On a level we start to explore and embody again.

Doing things for nature in the outside world is rewarding. Yet, when we speak of a truly holistic sustainability, we need to start with ourselves …

Illustration by me

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