Coming Home

Which element is yours?

As a woman who is committed to deepen the connection with nature and herself, which is one and the same in a certain sense, I appreciate all the elements. Being close to earth, air, water and fire (as close as possible) is healing, nourishing, harmonising and informative. It’s simply essential.

With water I have a very profound connection. Whenever I am near waterbodies or immerse myself in them, I feel home. Especially one experience in the Mediterranean Sea activated something inside of me that is beyond my understanding but an inner knowing. Eternity …

Water has memory, water is a living being.

Whenever you need rejuvenation, relaxation or purification, allow yourself to open up to the wisdom and energy of water. Sit beside a creek, stream, river, lake or the sea or when possible go into the water. Enjoy its soft power and deep wisdom. Let all things that doesn’t serve you anymore flow out of your being. And recharge yourself with fresh energy.

Illustration by me.

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