Claire Victoria Bishop: Commit to Nature (ep05)

There’s power in that remembering the child and living for the experience, b“Nature is part of us. And to have a successful business to make a positive change then you do … the relationship with nature is really important. Because we are nature. We are humans we … It’s unsustainable to push push push.”

claire victoria bishop

In episode 5 of the Plumed Serpent Podcast I welcome Claire Victoria Bishop, natural light photographer, and facilitator of mindful nature walks.

We talk about daily walks outdoors, the curious mindset, relaxation and openness in nature as well as the benefits for businesses and working teams being outdoors together.

Background and contact

Claire has a background in psychology and works as a natural light photographer offering beautiful, emotive and natural imagery to purpose driven brands and businesses. She also organizes nature photography walks and creative based activities to boost overall wellbeing. She lives in South Gloustershire U.K. with her family and two dogs.

Claire loves to inspire people to embrace nature, connect with nature and find themselves in nature. Her love for nature began as a child. Growing up on a farm she spent a lot of her childhood running through the fields, climbing trees and building dens.

She first hand experienced the benefits of being outdoors and exploring the wonders of nature. She now shares and integrates this deep love for the natural world and the natural life as well as the amazing positive effect on our health and wellbeing in her work with people. So they feel healthier, happier and the planet benefits too.

Claire’s website: Claire Victoria Photography
Claire on LinkedIn: Claire Victoria Bishop

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