being shaped by gaia by Isabelle Blum

Being Shaped by Gaia

Do you let yourself being shaped by Gaia?

There are people who prefer to not to be led or ruled in any way. They accept informations and inspirations, yes, but no commandment how to “do” things. They figure out things on their own. I count myself to these people.

But I was very intrigued since childhood by practices where you call support from the unseen realm, the invisible forces present behind the veil of ordinary human reality.

So I joined the exploration training ‘Being Shaped by Gaia’ offered by Amba Casturi O’Hara. A six week journey of consciously being shaped by Gaia by working on my heart project. During this time Gaia was my source of inspiration for the steps to work on. In a practical sense, this meant, holding space for my questions, carry them to nature, being there in connection and allowing my being to expand and connect to new inspirations.

The exploration was catching. Gaia has won me over as a fully conscious leader. Because the guidance is beyond our present human understanding of leadership. All information is presented when you’re open to receive, without expectations. All is needed is my full presence, attention and work to transform the given informations into action. I follow without any doubt … I let myself being shaped by Gaia. Whatever the outcome is …

Now imagine we as people would tap into this 24/7 available guidance support network in front of our doorstep. Intentionally and respectfully connect with the unified field of consciousness …

A huge step in our evolution as a so called ‘conscious’ species …

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