Coming Home

Which element is yours? As a woman who is committed to deepen the connection with nature and herself, which is one and the same in a certain sense, I appreciate all the elements. Being close… Read More »Coming Home

being shaped by gaia by Isabelle Blum

Being Shaped by Gaia

Do you let yourself being shaped by Gaia? There are people who prefer to not to be led or ruled in any way. They accept informations and inspirations, yes, but no commandment how to “do”… Read More »Being Shaped by Gaia

Flat Earth Isabelle Blum


What is real for you? As Westerners we are all trained since kindergarten to believe and follow what parents, teachers, authority figures of all kind, media and books tell us is right or wrong. This… Read More »Realities

Explore and Expand

How do you explore and expand your being? You have self-ownership, the exclusive right what is done with you, your body, your mind … What do you do with that? Do you explore the reflexive… Read More »Explore and Expand

commit to nature_isabelle blum

Commit to Nature

Do you commit to nature? The urge to act for nature is growing. As someone who is dealing with environmental issues for more than 20 years, I highly appreciate all people being aware of nature… Read More »Commit to Nature

Sitting in Nature

Sitting in Nature

Do you allow yourself to just be? Most of us feel comfortable in nature, even in an urban park. We enjoy the serenity of trees, the calmness of lakes and the company of animals. In… Read More »Sitting in Nature