Nature and our relation to it are my inspiration. My perception and thoughts about it flow into simple illustrations. Through my artwork I invite you to reflect for a moment on your own nature and the nature around you. How everything is interconnected and that it counts what you do or don’t do.

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PDF NatureYou - Illustrated Thoughts about Nature and Humans

NatureYou – Illustrated Thoughts about Nature and Humans highlights in simple illustrations and texts some fundamental aspects of our existence on Earth. Giving you the possibility to ponder your connection to yourself and nature.

As a woman who is gardening, and practicising Shamanic and Taoist Arts I’m very much connected to nature. I love immersing myself in natural surroundings, communicating with plants, animals and stones. It gives me power, inner peace and trust. And I love being creative, expressing my thoughts and insights in simple illustrations and short texts. That’s why I’ve created short PDF’s sharing my art, insights and experiences.

I offer you two PDF versions to choose from!

  • PDF Version just with illustrations

  • PDF Version with illustrations and short texts

I offer you the PDF for $5+ each. When you are interested simply send me an Email and $5+ via PayPal. When I receive the money I’ll send you the selected PDF.

May you be inspired to connect deeper with yourself and nature to the greatest good of all.