Anna Näsén: Crystallize Your True Self (ep25)

Just sit and breathe. Let the thoughts go. The thoughts doesn’t lead you where you are going. The thoughts are also energy residues. What you are programmed to think. If you haven’t healed a lot, usually the thoughts are the big part of the ego, and that’s not the true self. The true self is the soul.

Anna Näsén

In episode 25 I’m joined by Anna Näsén, advanced energy healer, teacher, author, artist, and lecturer of energy, healing, energy hygiene, ascension, and how to anchor your soul gifts as a starseed, and much more.

We talk about energy, healing, the dark and light within us, and how we mirror that, our perception of the world, the ongoing shift in vibrancy, and how this will change ourselves and our world. Anna also tells her personal healing and transformation story, and how much she has changed herself, her life, her experiences, and her view on the world, and more.

Background and contact

Anna went through an intense healing journey after her old life crumbled before her eyes. Her inner abilities unlocked through a true twin flame journey that started 2014 that now have made Anna unity consciousness embodied.

To help her unlock her inner true gifts, she made her journey through being initiated in Reiki master Mikao Usui‘s intuitive method in 2018 and education to remember more through Willow School of Magic and the shamanic year wheel 2019 which threw her into the intergalactic year wheel afterwards by her guides. This happened so Anna could heal space karma and remember her medicine from other solar systems.

Chrystal therapy became very useful for the new chapter of life where 5D reality is more and more anchored into 3D reality for humanity on planet Earth. Anna went to Soul Alchemy in Stockholm during 2020 to learn the intuitive methods of chrystal frequencies.

Anna’s website: Deer Light Healing

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