Amba Casturi O'Hara: Being Shaped by Gaia (ep10)

Amba Casturi O'Hara: Being Shaped by Gaia (ep10)

“So I just love when, when I see people connecting to nature and it just brings out the best of them. So it’s a pleasure. It’s a pleasure when, when I see somebody being so full of ecstasy, because they have connected, they are connected. So they’re home again.”

– Amba Casturi O’Hara

In episode 10 of the Plumed Serpent Podcast I welcome Amba Casturi O’Hara. We talk about being shaped by Gaia, the energetic body, the marvels of nature, the power of anger and how we can stand in our natural force. 

Amba has a background in psychology and applied ethic and has worked in various clinics in Zurich and Spain. She has experienced many years of learning and working with different healers in Mexico, Colombia and Peru. Amba works now as a coach, healer and transformer.

Amba’s Futureshaping is an approach to create lifeserving projects out of deep connection and transformational work. Amba uses different techniques from healing practises, to breath- and hypnosistherapy, possibility management and always including the body and it’s deep wisdom. Her trainings base on navigating feelings, instincts, intuitions and developing the energetic body. She holds transformational spaces for people standing in their natural power.

Website: Futureshaping
Website: organischdenken

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