Allison Walters: Wild Spaces at Your Doorstep (ep23)

I think once we start, I think the momentum will get going. And I think once we start, once we see it, you know, people’s gardens changing you know. I mean my front garden for example is a meadow and a butterfly garden. It has no other value other than to serve wildlife. I don’t see the point of having it as a pet lawn. Yes, I changed it. And so it, you know, it might look untidy to some but for us it brings us great joy.

alison walters

In episode 23 I welcome Allison Walters, Director and Principal Landscape Architect of awSCAPE.

Allison talks about the benefits of wildlife at your doorstep and working place, and how it can improve life and wellbeing for animals and humans alike. She emphasis the importance to integrate water in landscape design and how beneficial this is. Allison tells also the story of her butterfly garden at her house, and how much she learned from its development. And that we need to say goodbye to perfection and embrace the thriving of life, with the respectful interventions needed.

Background and contact

Allison Walters is the Director and Principal Landscape Architect of awSCAPE in Stoke on Trent, UK. With over 15 years’ experience as a landscape architect, awSCAPE was born from a desire to change the way we live in our urban and rural worlds. Allison has a deep-rooted passion for wildlife and water, and has combined her first degree in Environmental Biology with her landscape architectural experience to change the way water and wildlife are perceived in our world.

Her purpose is to create spaces, places, public open spaces, developments and gardens with a wildlife rich, sustainably drained, beautiful and unique design. Places that slow, clean and manage rainwater to prevent polluted watercourses. Spaces that bring everyday nature to everyone’s doorstep so we can all access nature and recharge. Spaces that are engaging, distinguishable, and unique to their location.

Alison’s website: awSCAPE Landscape Design

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