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Plumed Serpent is about exploring our paths to deeper connect with ourselves and nature, self-empowerment, transformation, and wellbeing for all. Reaching out to curious men and women to dive deeper into the interconnectedness of being. With a wide variety of guests lined up, the Plumed Serpent presents experiences, reflections, realisations and practical ways to empower and transform yourself through nature connection.

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Taoist Breath Exercise

guided exercise for indoors and outdoors

duration: 11 minutes
cost: $0+

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3 days of self-learning and exploring yourself

cost: $27

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About Me


My name is Isabelle or Izzy, and I live in Switzerland. I have a background as an educated environmental scientist ETH and advertising assistant. With all my being I'm connected with nature, and I love gardening and creating art. My aim on the Plumed Serpent is to offer you possibilities to take action to empower and transform yourself through nature connection.



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Do you write your own story or do you just follow others stories? The World Economic Forum recently organized a gathering called the ‘Great Narrative,’ which WEF founder Klaus Schwab…

The Power of Silence

Do you use the power of silence? Meg Beeler, Shamanic Guide, Mentor and Author told me in our conversation on the Plumed Serpent Podcast that she uses the power of…
graze against the machine

Graze against the Machine

What is the role of the machine in agriculture? Modern agriculture is machine driven and an industrial complex. And its digitalisation is advancing. Machines are more important than soil, plant,…

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