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When you deeply root in yourself, you can grow and evolve as a tree rooted in earth. You feel nourished, calm and resilient. And you radiate this outwards.

On the Plumed Serpent we offer you simple practical possibilities and creative inspirations to deepen your connection to your inner world as well as the outer world.

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Possibilities & Inspirations


Nature Connection Plumed Serpent

The Plumed Serpent offers you simple practical possibilities to deepen your connection with nature and yourself. You’ll explore somatic practices and artistic expressions.


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The Plumed Serpent Podcast is about people and simple tools, techniques and ways for wellbeing and nature connectedness published on May you be inspired.


earth body isabelle blum

In my illustrations I explore and visualise the connection between humans and nature and how we perceive our surrrounding and all beings. May you be inspired.

I offer you my NatureYou Illustrations as PDF

about me


I am Isabelle, an educated Environmental Scientist ETH, self-taught gardener and art creator based in Switzerland, supporting you on the journey of rooting deeper in yourself and nature.


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Coming Home

Which element is yours? As a woman who is committed to deepen the connection with nature and herself, which is one and the same in a certain sense, I appreciate…
being shaped by gaia

Being Shaped by Gaia

Do you let yourself being shaped by Gaia? There are people who prefer to not to be led or ruled in any way. They accept informations and inspirations, yes, but…
flat earth


What is real for you? As Westerners we are all trained since kindergarten to believe and follow what parents, teachers, authority figures of all kind, media and books tell us…

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