“I really enjoyed working with Isabelle, I have a learned a lot from her, she's very selfless with her experience and skills. She is an inspiration to someone who wishes to positively impact change around them. It's been a pleasure and great honour to work with her, and actually call her a friend who oozes with positive energy.”

Ashell Maenetja
Agricultural advisor, Communal farmer

“Isabelle coordinated a fundraiser for a young farmer in South Africa by bringing together people with different skills. The end result was a beautifully designed t-shirt and out reach campaign. I feel fortunate to have worked with her and I value her friendship and passion for her work.”

Mike Hansen
Regenerative farmer, Artist, Activist

“It was a really lovely experience working with Isabelle. She invited me to be her guest on the Plumed Serpent podcast. I jumped at this amazing opportunity and welcomed her interesting questions and insightful conversation. It was a fun and creative and helped me to clarify the vision I have for Look Again Mindful Photography going forward. Thanks Isabelle for the invitation.”

Ruth Davey
Mindful photographer, Facilitator, Creator of change

“Isabelle is wise, knowledgable and professional. She shares great insights and inspirations to connect to our true nature by connecting with nature. Her podcast is a wonderful tool to learn actionable advice and creative ways to improve our wellbeing and evolve ourselves. I highly recommend her.”

Dr. Narjes Gorjizadeh
PhD Research Scientist, Bestselling Author, Life Coach, Meditation Teacher

My Services:


Simple illlustrations and watercolor paintings reflecting the interconnectedness of humans and earth


Collaborations on projects strengthening the harmonious interaction of people and earth



Isabelle Blum

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